FW update: Schakelaar met signaallamp HmIP-BSL v2.0.2


De firmware van de Homematic IP schakelaar met signaallamp is geüpdatet naar versie 2.0.2. Deze update bevat 15 bugfixes. De changelog bevat alle informatie van de huidige en eerdere firmware updates. De update wordt spoedig beschikbaar via de Homematic IP app, voor gebruikers van het Homematic IP Access Point. Voor gebruikers van de CCU3 wordt de update zichtbaar via de Homepage van de WebUI.


Please note: Only use the firmware file in connection with the current software-version of the CCUx!

Device: HmIP-BSL - Homematic IP Switch Actuator with Signal Lamp – for brand switches

Company: eQ-3, Maiburger Str. 29, 26789 Leer, Germany

Version 2.0.2 - 2023-09-29

** Bugfix
* Changelog only entry for Version 2.0.0
* LinkProfile optical signal and optical signal off special values wrong
* LinkProfil with OnOffLevel old value and dont care wrong
* OnMinLevel at RealChannels not used with DEC
* Only status info at error overtemp
* DEC with duration ontime 0s is set as infinity
* OpticalSignal in Linkparameter is used one time when OnOffTime is set
* LED sequence 'Unused Button' is not used
* No status info after OutputBehaviour use last selection which was != 0x00
* Level is set from 0% to 5% if dec 0x8d with only enum is send
* OutputBehaviour is always set to 0 if level is set to 0%
* Level old value is not used at DEC 0x8d
* PowerUpOpticalSignal is not used
* Weekprogram with level on to old value not set the old value
* At powerup jumptarget OffDelay output not switch on

Version 2.0.0 - 2023-08-01

** Bugfix
* Wrong evaluation of the event counter with multiple links between sensor and actuator
* In a switching group, only the first channels are switched on
* System led shows also actions on channel 7 & 11 instead of only channel 3
* If the switch-on and switch-off times in the Easy Profile are set to "Not active" at the same time, the device hangs up.
* HmIP-BSL: Rocker switch no longer responds after frequent operation
* System LED signals error (red) if rocker switch is linked to internal channel and 2 or more external channels
* race condition may cause deadlock
* False handling with two internal direct links
* False function of ToggleDimLastDir in combination with ToggleDimToCounter
* Reserved bit is set in StatusInfo Level Group
* Output colour white when creating link partner

** New Feature
* Switch-off ramp via central programs or automation.

** Improvement
* Long button press cannot dim in conjunction with a motion detector.
* Extension of LED modes analog to HmIPW-WRC6
* New profile parameter SHORT_OFF_OUTPUT_BEHAVIOUR for selecting an additional LED colour/behaviour
* The time information telegram does not contain a note about the sommer / winter time change.
* HmIP actuators with default links as button pair, should also have ABORT_EVENT_SENDING_CHANNELS as default in pairs.
* Changing driving directions with HmIP UP actuators via parameters.
* Modify event counter check to meet current specification
* Improve switch command functionality by new implementation of local loopback, adding command cancelation and using node sending functionality

Version 1.0.2 - 2018-08-30

** New Feature
* First Release

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